Including God in your Business Pt.1 & Pt.2
Video & Audio teaching by Pastor Hayden 

​This is a one and a Half year course to prepare and individual into Gospel Ministry and Pass our Ordination Exam.
After Completion of course you will be given a final exam and upon completion with a satisfactory result, you will be Ordained into Gospel Ministry.
Please Note this is not a course for the uncommitted or those not serious about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit or ministry. This Course is designed to inform and equip you with the fundamentals you will need to step out into your Ministry Calling.

In this day and age there are far too many fly by night ministers who felt they were called but have no knowledge and understanding. We understand that in this information age the acquisition of knowledge should not be tedious and costly, but by the same token, we understand that in order to properly prepare time must be taken to study to show thy self approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth...
And so we created this course of study.

 In this course you will be required to Listen to audio teachings, purchase and read books, enroll in Rhema Bible Correspondence school for 1 Course of study, watch video sermons, write essays and answer a number of questions.
Midway through the course if you are passing, you will be issued a License to preach sanctioned by this ministry. You will also be required to forward a sermon delivered by you to this office. We may also from time to time make contact with you to verify your understanding and to make your calling sure.

Thank you in advance for choosing this ordination course. We have attempted to make it different, fulfilling, full of information and pact with revelation.

Click to see The Courses to be Studied and how they will be laid out.

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